Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Like the opening of Burj Dubai...

The participants have published their reports on what we have been doing during the first two days. Many have also posted links for more information or links to some of the websites they mention.

Here’s a comprehensive summary by Ali Mbarouk, journalist from Pemba and information officer of Zanzibar AIDS Commission. He compares Day 2 to “the opening of a big cybercafé, if not the Burj Dubai”, the tallest building in the world.

Here you can find the comments by Zaituni Makwali, radio presenter at Chuchu FM. And here’s the posting of Saphia Ngalapi, freelance journalist and press coordinator from Zanzibar.

For Kiswahili readers, check the blogs of Mohammed Othman, Zanzibar Leo, and Abdallah Mitawi, news editor at Zanzibar Television TVZ. Both are providing several links.

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