Friday, February 12, 2010

Links to sources and other powerful resources

The sun is hot up in the sky doing its daily route again and already about to reach the zenith. But we are indoors sitting under fans whirling fast-fast in the ceiling trying their best to cool the air a bit. There’s no public electricity in Zanzibar after some cables broke down connecting the islands to the national grid. So power is produced only by diesel generators of different sizes, which for obvious reasons are used just when they are needed. Here at SUZA, the power goes on at about 9 am and is cut off at 5 pm, and not a minute later.

Short summary of yesterday practicals. We were doing fact-finding assignments and adding links. I think Hasina Hamad Shehe, radio producer of Radio Zanzibar - Sauti ya Tanzania Zanzibar, has really got the point. I quote her blog:
“On Thursday 11 Feb, we started by arranging our blogs and do some practical assignments which kept us very busy in looking for information on the internet through different websites. We did also linking between participants’ blogs and even links to other websites or other sources for the story to get more information. This lead us to think of useful websites, where you can get the information you need.”
Zaituni, Chuchu FM, is explaining our assignment topics in more detail, and so does also Ramadhan Suleiman, Zanzibar Leo.

For many links to Tanzanian media and other websites, go to see the blog of Abdallah Mitawi, TVZ. He has also posted many, many stories about other issues unrelated to the training itself. The same goes for Ali Othman, Zanzibar Press Club. They seem to have got the blogging in their veins.


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